I wonder


I wonder how long I have left in me

To be on the go

To talk constantly

To put myself out there

Out of my comfort zone

Constantly forcing myself to grow

Constantly forcing a challenge.

I wonder how long

I can keep going

How long

How many more years

How many more job descriptions

I wonder how long

Til what I do is enough



2 Comments on “I wonder

  1. It’s never “enough” but the day will come when you’ve had “enough”, and decide to retire. For me it was summer of 2010. I’d questioned my decision to keep teaching for a number of years; I even left one institution in 2002 and thought I’d never go back, but by 2004 I was teaching at another college). I still miss the “good” parts about teaching but the time had finally come to put myself first. Trust me – you’ll know when its time for you!


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