Day One again

Every time I start a plan

I plan to improve my fitness

This time I’ll be better at it.

I won’t do this or fall for fads

I’ll simply change my diet,

Add a bit of exercise

An extra peice of fruit

No more will I buy fresh veges

And throw them out – past their prime

They won’t last that long because I will eat them all for dinner.

This must be my hundreth Day One

But I could always be lying

I’ve started fitness plans before

And they usually last for a week or more

Before they fall through the floor.

This time, I promise myself

With a lot less motivation

This time is the last first day of the rest of my life

This time I stick right too it.

3 Comments on “Day One again

  1. It took a medical scare in 2014 for me to finally adhere to a fitness plan I’d been promising myself I’d stick to for years. Good luck!


    • Medical scare – yikes. Hope all is well. For me, work gets in the road. Attempting very hard to make health my priority.


      • Things turned out okay BUT it sure shook me up. I’d always made “excuses” for why I couldn’t find the time to get fit; having a really good reason to change my attitude and my priorities made all the difference. I’m fitter and healthier now than any time in the last 20+ years! It’s “odd” how women tend to put their own health and well-being last on the list of “things to be taken care of”. I wish I’d been more serious about my own health years earlier!


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