The irony of Iron

I attempt to eat quite healthily

It doesn’t always work.

The body acts quite stealthily

And some unseen issues lerk.

I take myself off to the Doc

To get poked and prodded

Four blood tests later and and what a knock,

My thyroid’s fine, the hormone is working

I am getting enough sun

But in a grand and humorous gesture

Iron’s down, I’m quite anemic.

Previously, I revamped my diet

To incorporate more fish.

So how do I get my daily iron  – a whopping 18mg per day

When I need to eat lots of fish?

“Wholegrain cereal,” my doc suggests

“Just don’t have it with dairy.”

“Add some liver – oh 200g per day is quite a lot.”

Yep – Liver my not so favorite offal

Just might cause a diet reshuffle to topple.

You see – us women of child rearing age are well and truly stuffed.

Unless we sit down and eat duck liver pate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

There is almost no humane way to eat our required daily iron.


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