The Carolina Reaper

Sometimes a day of teaching

Is heart wrenching or worse

And sometimes the job of teaching

Really has it’s perks


A group of lads and lasses, and everyone inbetween

Decided on a challenge

Eating chillies so it seemed.

They did not decide on Jalapeno

Nor the hot Ghost pepper,

No for this little prank – nothing but the best

The Carolina Reaper.


2.2 million units of hotness

Tends to do some damage

Red lips and lots of spitting out

But that is not the funny.




Unfortunately these kids were completely unaware

Of the dangers of hand to surface transferance

And after spitting and scrapping out the chilli

Did not venture near

A tap – no hand washing yet occured.

And here the story goes down or up depending on your view point

For some unknown reason

Perhaps another bet

The boys suffered a case of chilli transferance
On discovering the problem

A fellow bright spark piped up

“Milk is good with chillis, takes away the heat”

Thus the group of teens

Showed some what clever initative

And aquired some unsuspecting bottles

Of chocolate flavoured milk.


The teacher of playground duty

Had a smile wider than a mile

And when they could finally speak

Described the scene inside.


Inside the disabled bathroom, that was out of bounds

A group of boys were summarily found

Soaking some anatomy in the flavoured milk


The Carolina Reaper

On male private parts it seems

Is not a challenge that anyone should redeem.


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