Scruffy Pizza

One exhausting Friday night

We succumbed to take out.

And as we waited our turn in line

The fish shop was invaded.

A father with three under four

Was valiantly entertaining and educating

His young mob.

He’d mastered the art of distraction

Taught numeracy and language

Complete with one child on his hip and one child on each hand.

Another family did arrive

This time Grandpa and two tikes

These youngsters entertained themselves with spending Grandpa’s cash.

A mother taught her daughter how

To pop those plastic straws.

And another turned up with two children and a pup

All of whom were under 5.

The dog obviously did not go in

To collect the dinner prize

That was left up to the under fives.

They problem solved their hearts out

As to how to carry their load

Until the mother could rescue it

Complete with dog in tow

And as they walked off to their home

Both children could see

The mother struggling with the dog and balancing their tea

“Can I walk Scruffy Pizza Mum,”

Pipes up the child of three.

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