Honesty is trouble

There is a reason that I teach

And one that’s pretty sad

I teach because I like the kids

I can read their little faces

They openly bitch and moan

I don’t have to guess the reasons

Adult, I just assume

Act the same as me

And it often comes to my surprise

That they don’t.

I have never understood

The Bitch and the rumour spreader

I have never understood

The vindicitive and narcissist

I will never understand

The ins and outs of conversations

When to tell the small white lie

When to sprout out the big one.

You ask me a direct question

You get a direct answer

I have been known to weave a little

But never when I’m tired.

I don’t pick up the social cues

The ones that say “Don’t say it”

And most of all I just assume

That adults are just as honest too.

Face value I take what you say

And this got me into trouble today.



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