Ode to Tarot

Tarot spun ideas around

“Take a leap,”

Tarot screamed

“You will not drown”

I jumped from that cliff top

I thought I would pound

Into the dirt far below

Down I plummeted

Towards the hard ground

I did not hit

Instead I reached out

Tarot it seemed

Knew what would be

I made that dream happen

Hard work all the way

Apparently Tarot

Knew just what to say.

I am pretty much a skeptic who’s best friend developed a passion for Tarot. Her advice was to take tarot seriously. In the interest of science – I did.

She’s good, so far she is batting at 100% of the predictions made for me. Of course the predictions don’t manifest quite how I thought but they are holding so far. If you are interested please check her out at Intuitive Insight.

2 Comments on “Ode to Tarot

  1. I’ve always been interested in Tarot; I even bought myself a pack of cards and a book ten or so years ago, but I found it too much to keep track of (at the time). Sounds like your friend has it well in hand. Quite fascinating, and something I will certainly look into more now that you’ve peaked my interest once again.


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