The victory of the Legs

I am a haphazard creature

I exercise some days;

Some days a walk

Some days an almost jog

Some days hiding out at home – pretending weights

This day I amble along quite rapidly

A bit faster than my normal speed.

Hill Number 1 is done quite well

Three more of the buggers to go

‘Have a jog’ my brain suggests

All the other parts concur

I huff and puff and pant away

My back it is complaining

My feet are thudding – it can’t be good

The knees are the only ones happy with the jog.

‘That worked well’ – I say to them, trying to inspire them

‘Let’s go again – I’m feeling fine.’

Still puffing up Number 2

‘Such a liar’ my brain replies.

As we reach the top.

My brain – it can’t tell me what to do so

I huff and puff and pant away – down the other side

My back it is a aching

My feet are thudding – it can’t be good

But my knees are not yet complaining

Then to my complete surprise

My legs start moving faster

‘Stretch it out’ they seem to yell to me

My lungs start arguing with thee

‘You stupid legs, we can’t keep up, we’re stopping now’

‘Oh no you’re not!’

The legs win for a few more meters

The distance flies beneath me

Then the lungs win out and take me back

The momentum stops.

As do I.

I am now somewhere far away

From the top of Hill Number 2

And my brain is secretly quite pleased

With my legs little victory.

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