too scared to live

I do not know what you hide

You only show so much

I can tell you are troubled

I can tell you reasons why

Did your mother hit you this morning?

Did you actually have food at home?

Did your father take your medicine – that helps you concentrate?

Your brother’s now your sister

Your mother – she moved out

Your father – you never knew him

You live with an Aunt and Grandma

At least there is a roof;

Your mother refuses to see you

She cancels every trip;

You hide out in the skate park

It’s safer than your house.

You never learnt to read

You feared those frightful sounds

Your brain was in survival

No learning to be found.

Every noise in that classroom

A potential threat

Every smile can hide a hand

That’s coming up to hit.

You spent the day petrified

That you would find no one at home.

You spent the week horrified

Only moldy hunks unrecognizable in the fridge.

You spent the month wondering

If the police would raid your house.

What is the point of learning

When you are too scared to live

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