My true heros

A hero inspires visions of grand and really strong men

Of Wonder Woman and Super Girl

Of capes, hammers and of big green men.

Alas these are only fiction

For I really wouldn’t mind

A big green man or a Thor and Hammer

Walking me into mine.

Heros come in different forms

Than those portrayed above

A hero may be a small boy, staying home from school to defend his Mum.

A hero may be a child who turns up at school day after day, struggling to learn to read, persistently trying each and every day.

A hero may be a co-worker, who keeps on plodding on, putting aside personal hardship to help a small someone.

A hero may be a person who just keeps going on – one foot in front of the other, until the day is done.

A hero may be a soldier who runs into a fight, A hero may be a police officer struggling to keep those drugged in line.

A hero may be a paramedic, a nurse, a doctor, a firefighter – they all put one foot in front of the other and get their jobs done right.

But for me the most amazing heros are those that do not complain, their quiet calm acceptance of everything life throws their way.

These people do not give up –

they just keep on going on

keep on walking forward.

These heros are – for me – the true ones.

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