Scatty vs ADHD

My brain flits there

My brain flits here

My brain travels to another thought

I’ll start one thing

And before I know it

I’ve moved on to do another.

I cannot seem to focus

The world is much to bright

A movie to watch

A book to read

A poem I must write

And all the while I struggle

To focus and complete one task

I so often wonder if it’s just scatty brain I have

Or perhaps something more serious

Something diagnosable

But in order to get diagnosed

I’d have to concentrate

So I guess that I’ll just soldier on

And wonder way too much

About my scatty flitty brain

Whose focus jumps too often

And try again to focus it

On a task

Worked through to completion.

2 Comments on “Scatty vs ADHD

  1. It saddens me that children who have “scatty flitty brains” are too often (mis)diagnosed with ADD or ADHD when, in fact, they’re just kids with active minds and energy to burn.

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