The Calm

The house is peaceful

The children engaged

Study, Gaming,

At least it’s quiet – That’s what I say.

The washing machine tumbles, in a near by room

No TV on – it only portrays gloom.

I shifted last week – into this house

And the list of things to do….

The internet,

New batteries for the TV remote.

Water proof the bathroom

Weed an over grown garden

Meet the new neighbours.

Service air conditioners

Re-direct the mail,

Buy some decent groceries

Unpack, unpack some more.

Change my postal address on fiftty thousand forms.

And this is after the packing up,

The repainting and so much more.

My life has been full of craziness

When all I want to do is write

So now I sit down and relax – the end is at last insight.

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