There are only memories now

The sunlight streams in through an open window

A cool breeze follows it in

The day holds promise – relax, chill out

Yet a family is frozen in time.

How do you handle the loss of a young one

His future – a brilliant sky blue

An apprenticeship to go to

A drivers licence just obtained

School Captain – A goal achieved

And in one moment – the promise ends

No one to blame

No one to hate

No one to direct anger to.




The why – perhaps it goes unanswered for ever

Cruel to take this young man

An honour to his family

A prime example of the character we need more of in this confusing world


Just gone

His physical presence wiped from this Earth

Perhaps his soul will remain

But his memory – lives for this generation

No children left – his line ends.



A beautiful child

Bang – no more.

His legacy – not genetic

His legacy – memories

So F***ing sad

so F***ing painful

To think that there are only memories now.

Written in memory of Liam Keagan – passed Tuesday 23rd March 2021 in a freak acident that was just that.

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