The luxury of travel

My husband took a job

But not local

No – Overseas

Half way across the world

He would be living from me.

That’s okay we would follow him

Come rain or hail or COVID

Dust settling and all that

We popped down to Sydney

Flights from Brisbane a no go

And waited in Sdyney International –

Barren of almost all travellers.

When at last it came time to board the plane

We discovered to our delight

A row of seats waited for thee

The luxury of International flight.

You see it’s hard to fly into Aus

Our government closed the borders

And to leave you need a permit

Swearing your departure is no holiday.

So when you manage to board a plane

Flying over the Pacific Ocean

You find there are only a few handfuls of travellers

Each with a window seat

No queue for the toilet

No waiting for the attendants

Everything is quite pleasant

Except for one slight problem

For those of us with embarrassing food issues

There are no dietry requirements.

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