USA vs Aus School rules

I go to enrol a child in school

And groan at the thought of the school handbook

But as I delve into it’s pages

I feel my shock and awe growing

In Australia, no more a glance

Weaponry is banned at school

Drugs are out, banned items too

No real thought to consequences.

And thus I was not quite expecting

A 100+ page document

Outlining consequences in detail of the above

Wow – the USA – so very different.

It is common knowledge amongst us of Aus

That in the USA there are no school uniforms

So when I read the dress code – I was really quite suprised

The colour and the length requirements of dresses, skirts, shorts and pants was listed

For top halves – only one real option

And the colour was specified.

So different to what I expected and –

Nerd I am – I loved the difference

It may not be a uniform such as we have in Aus

But the strictness of the dress code

Is indeed a uniform.

The biggest surprise for me

Although some Australian schools are reverting back

Is the allowance of corporal punishment

As a disiplinary method.

There does not appear to be an opt out

As there was with many things

I am thankful that my child

Is unllikely to fall foul to that.

2 Comments on “USA vs Aus School rules

  1. Here in Canada we’ve pretty much given up on dress codes (which I believe is a mistake). Students protested repeatedly over the years (from the 1990s onward) and the school boards backed down (I’ve seen kids in pyjamas, mini-shorts and crop tops, baggy pants, ripped jeans, etc. The only thing that isn’t “allowed” is t-shirts with “offensive” language on them). We’re very lax on discipline, too – you can’t even raise your voice (as a teacher), never mind institute any kind of “punishment” for poor behaviour. Teachers have had everything from pens to books thrown at them, been sworn at, and threatened (verbally and physically). It’s like the wild, wild west. Unfortunately, what this has done is prove to “children” that they can get away with just about anything and there are no consequences. We’ve gone too far (the wrong way) IMO.


    • I think Australia is heading down a similiar path but I only worked in schools classified as low SES (socio-economic) so I cannot speak for all schools and areas. Still not sure about corporal punishment however – that may be too far for me 🙂


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