Feeling Brave

This is Me!

So – here I am.  I am 40+ but identify as the brain being 25, the eyes being 100 and my body would like to think it was 25 but the pain in my knee, the occasional ache in my hip and the stiffness after sitting for a long time really makes me think my body is being optimistic.

I have no idea of how much I weigh as the scales got stuck on 95kg for such a long time then they had the audacity to jump to 108kgs.  Oh and occasionally they went from 105kgs to 65kgs over night! (I think they were faulty so I threw them out 😊.)

I have double chins (maybe double, double chins), wear size 18 Australian clothes (on most days) and if I eat too many carbs I bloat up to a larger size).  I dream of walking into a clothes shop and being able to buy what I want.  Unfortunately, I can’t. 

Every so often I make a huge effort to minimise my waistline, my hip line and my tuckshop lady arms  (sorry to all you wonderful tuckshop ladies out there).  It works for a couple of weeks then life – aka my job – predominately gets in the road.

I have some work to do on these beauties!

Now is the time for me.  In about a month’s time, I am off – on Long Service Leave (yeah!) and one of my goals is to drop the weight – I should say drop clothes sizes rather than weight.  For a start, it is mass I want to drop and muscle has more mass than fat.  I plan to gain muscle so at least in the short term, I may be gaining more mass than I am losing (sorry for a while there I was a science teacher! – science lesson over).  I will have no work to get in the road of my exercise and food habit changing.  I would have moved to a different country and thus should (I hope) have less demands on my time and I will be at home.  Exercising will give me something to starve off the boredom of not working – and thus not interacting with lots of people each day.  Cooking the right food in the right quantities will give me a challenge for a while as I will have to get to know the brands in the USA – not actually looking forward to getting out of my comfort zone there, but hey.  Are there Mint Patties in the US???

Yum – my current favourite snack. Small enough that I feel fine eating this.

My exercise program for the last 3 months has been 10 push ups off the bathroom vanity and 15 squats as I shower (or there abouts).  I know it’s not a lot but in the past 3 months, I have sold a house I lived in for the last 17 years – that is a lot of stuff to throw, sell or keep and many exhausting decisions to make.  Bought a new place, organised a holiday to visit relatives before I head overseas, done some small renovations on the new place, tried to sell a car – turns out it needs major work and dealt with living apart from my husband of around 20 years whilst he moved overseas to upskill and start working.  It may not sound much but it wasn’t fun.

Of course – the car with major repairs means that I am now going to be walking the best part of 8km a day on a work day to get to and from work.  Okay maybe I’ll ask a few friends to drop me at the train station after work but that still makes a 5km trip on my two little trotters.  Yes I could catch the bus from the train – but I actually like walking.  Thus what I was delaying until I made it to the USA, just moved up the pace.  And to my disappointment (but better for optimal health), I can’t stop at my favourite all time café (little plug here “The Coffee Patch” on Hastings st, Caboolture) because thanks to the car, I can’t afford to drink a hot chocolate made with dietary requirements in mind on my way to work each day – silver lining.  The universe would appear to be on my side for gaining much better health. See there are no more excuses – no more work getting in the road because by the time the car is fixed – I will have finished work for my leave.  By the time my leave is over – I will have changed my habits.  My long term goal – by the way – is to be an 90 year old kayaker.  I reserve the right to use an automatic kayak loader to load the kayak onto the car, any age after 70.

2 Comments on “Feeling Brave

  1. Good luck with your fitness and healthy eating plan. I undertook something similar about 10 years ago and haven’t looked back (well, perhaps I slip up a bit during the long, cold Canadian winters, but by spring, I’m back in shape again). Don’t know about Nestle Mint Patties in the U.S. but North America does have York Peppermint Patties (and they come in mini size – just right for a light “dessert” after a hard day of working out!)

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