4. Unofficial rest day

My son informed me that he would catch the train to work today.  My soul screamed “Yes”.  For so many reasons, most of whom involve my friend and her nightmare.  I slept in – or rather instead of getting up and doing something productive, I hid my grief in finishing a book – can’t even remember what the book was.  I drove to school, drove home and contemplated Yoga – still contemplating it.  Maybe later.  My soul is shattered. 

I remembered to look at the app.  My walk from Caboolture to work was 3.28km yesterday. Google Maps lied again – they said it was only 3km.  I was slower from Caboolture to work than home to the train, but I’m okay with that.  I have to walk tomorrow again.  I hope I can do a similar time or just a fraction faster.  The time was 44 mins and 12 seconds.  I’ll probably get a friend to drop me at the train on the way home.  Next week is early enough to add another 3kms plus to my exercise routine. 5 school days off before I have a long rest from teaching.  I am looking forward to that, especially now.  Every time I pause I think of my friend and the quality young man the world lost.  I was run down before this.  I think this is the mouse that sank my boat and if you don’t get the reference then google “Who sank the boat?”  It’s a picture book.

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