5. Getting back into exercise

I woke up shattered still.  My brain felt like tired eyes – all dry and gritty.  I decided to walk to the closer train station and then I could catch the earlier train and not have to rush to work.  I did manage 20 push ups before I stood under a hot shower, washed my hair and attempted to feel more human. 

My classes all have exams today so I need to be able to assist my students.  Exams are always exhausting – tyring to get the best out of my students.  Anyway I promised myself that I would at least walk to work from Caboolture – In fact I bribed myself with a hot chocolate (even though it was a warm day already).

It was definitely a slower walk but the timber mill was not cutting timber today so I could smell the eucalyptus on the morning air – very pleasant.  I walked the distance of 3.11 km in 41 minutes which was actually quicker than the previous time – even though I was rushing previously.  My shins felt it.  The second and third kilometers were the fastest.  I don’t know about the last one – the traffic lights near the school take forever to change. 

Timber mill is to the right. Always smells nice in the mornings – either timber being cut or eucalytpus as a bit further along the path is a nature strip between the mill and the path.

One of my friends was back at work today, having taken a couple of days to cope with the news of our student’s death. She was very close to him – he used to come to the staffroom and call her Aunty.  She is still so raw,  I don’t have a clue how she managed it.  She has been through so much already – none of which is my story to tell but this – this may actually break her.  It was so hard sitting beside her today.  I am still so saddened and exhausted over all of this but for me – part of it is actually being at school.  Our free dress day was for our student so every where I turned, I was reminded of him today.  Harsh as it is – I am looking forward to the weekend where I can escape from the greif but then I am fully aware that my friend will never escape and I don’t know how to help her and I don’t ever wish to be any closer to that situation than a friend.  And that is hard to write but I am pretty sure – the honest truth for everyone.

Tomorrow I will go for a walk in the local area – might even fit in a jog somewhere in the walk. It is at least a weekend.

Fastest kilometer – 12 mins 39 seconds

Slowest kilometer – 13 mins 39 seconds

Distance today – 3.11km

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