6. No walk today

It’s Saturday and I haven’t had a sleep in for ages so that is exactly what I did.  I thought for my last couple of weeks of work I would be able to get to work later.  My job is winding down – I still have classes to teach but the learning support side of the business is all now finishing up and waiting to brief the next person.  My sleep ins have not eventuated now the car is off the road.  In fact it is even worse than that – I actually have to get up earlier.   

My lack of walking didn’t mean I didn’t exercise.  I did 20 deep push ups off the bathroom vanity.  It’s much lower than the last house I was in so I am winning (I shifted a couple of weeks ago).  I think I am actually going to have to go off the floor next time – scary stuff getting down to the floor. Exercising off the floor is a big mental barrier for me and I have no idea why – perhaps because it feels so hard to get up off the floor.  I also did 20 sit ups, 10 tricep dips – and yes the knee and the arms felt the burn.  I finished it off with 40 alternative knee to elbow crunches which I made myself get onto the floor to do just because I didn’t want to.

I also increased my incidental walking by parking a long way away from all my errands (I borrowed a child’s car). Walking the shopping centers I went to – although that could have been because I forgot what I actually needed.  That’s happening to me a lot lately – forgetfulness.  I am putting it down to living apart from my husband, selling and buying houses by myself and gearing up for an overseas move (to join said husband).  I’d like to think my memory would be better if all of this didn’t occur in the middle of a pandemic but I don’t think the pandemic has anything to do with it (aside from periodically making facebook market place deals more challenging). 

I finished off my day on the couch doing cross stitch – not much physical fitness there but I find the craft very relaxing so quite good for my mental health and this week I certainly needed it.  I would like to argue that Mint M&Ms and Darrell Lea chocolate bullets are also good for my mental health but the quantity I ate on the couch may have been stretching the concept of mental health a bit too far.

Small .22 calibre sized peices of liquorice covered in chocolate – if you like chocolate and liquorice this is seriously yum

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