7. Feeling Great

So today I actually ignored the fact I planned to sleep in.  I mean I went out at sunset yesterday to get dinner and realised that now I live in a townhouse in the middle of other townhouses, I don’t actually see much of the outdoors.  Thus, when I woke at 5:30 (which was a sleep in – just shorter than planned) and I saw the dawn flowing in (before I shut my blinds so no one could see me sleeping in!), I decided that I had to go for a walk out at the dam.  Afterall, 3 weeks today and I start my flights to the USA so the dam and I won’t be seeing each other for quite some time.

The view from the top of the hill – there is only one hill, you can take the killer steep route or the much more gentle route

There are several possible combinations of walks at the dam starting from 3km to 7+ kms.  I decided that I would go for a 4km one because that increased the duration of my walks.  I also decided I would take the warm up slow so my shins wouldn’t hurt.  I did some jogging to warm up – yikes the first little jog, I was so heavy on my feet I could have triggered a seismograph (don’t laugh – Kangaroos have been known to make a seismograph move and trigger an earth tremor alert 😊).  It didn’t feel comfortable but at least I was moving faster than I had been walking.

The next jogging stint felt a little better – I started on softer ground but I started thinking about my student who passed away and bam my brain shut down and so did my legs.  The third jog was impressive by me.  I kept going past my initial goal and actually only stopped because of the burn in my lungs.   Now when I say I do a stint of jogging – It’s probably only a minute long so I was quite impressed with the time my third jog was kept up for and the fact that my legs wanted to stretch it out abit.

Anyway part way through the walk I decided to go a bit longer than the 4km – just to avoid going up the awful hill.  If I did a longer walk, I could go up the gentler hill and down the awful hill.  An extra kilometre or so was worth it.

The soft part of the track – the grass was taller than me but too early for snakes to be out soaking up the sunshine

Final stats

6.42km (roughly 3.9miles) in 1 hour and 22 mins.  Fastest kilometre was 11 mins 34 seconds and slowest kilometre was 13 mins 33 seconds.  To put this in context – 5 years ago I would have done the same distance in about 20 minutes less.  I really do have some fitness to regain.

Umm no wonder my shins hurt – my slowest time is what I have been walking to work most of the time (whilst trying to walk faster!!!!).  The kilometre splits were pretty impressive for me and definitely an improvement.

Tomorrow is a walk to work day and it’s going to take ages because the broken car has to go to the mechanic and the mechanic is NOT near a train station.  Perhaps the other car owner in the house will not have his covid tests results back and have to stay home from work – I can only hope.  5+ km in the rain doesn’t sound fun (it would if it was the weekend though).

2 Comments on “7. Feeling Great

  1. What a wonderful area you live in. I’m in a rural part of southern Ontario with only a 5km “block” to walk around (it’s 2.5km to each “corner” and back, or 5km to go all the way around). We’ve got forests and farms all around us but nothing like your “dam” walks. I’m going to have to start driving to some of the local conservation areas (I’m always a bit nervous going off into the unknown by myself; I need to get past that, I guess). You are making amazing progress. Keep it up!


    • Thanks Margo – ofcourse I have now moved into a non walkable area. I too will be hunting for walking tracks that are safe.


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