Surprised finding

I have never ever enjoyed a holiday

For more than a week or two

After a week to recover, of course

Roll on some horrendous years

Two too many deaths at work

A masters of Special Education

A shift – overseas no less

And a few months of enforced separation

Now I sit in an ill furnished house

In a country that I only really know from TV

Weeks of nothingness interspersed with tourist activities

I thought I would be bored

Sitting at home all day long.

Not so, it turns out I quite like the quiet

The lack of stress and belongings

Two weeks into my long service leave

When I thought I would find it boring

I find that I have yet no desire to work

No desire to get out of the house,

Content to write, exercise and craft

With the odd bit of housework thrown in.

This lifestyle a surprised finding.

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