8. Crazy times

So I walked from the train to work.  Skipping out on a 2km+ extra hike from the mechanics to the train.  I got the other driver in the household to drive me.  But that meant I was up at 5:15am (yikes the sun was no more than the barest hint on the horizon).  I didn’t even bother with breakfast before I left – too busy going back into the house to get the things I forgot.  I also forgot my mask which I was going to take just in case.

Anyway even with a stop at Maccas (or McDonalds for those non-Australians), my kilometre splits were as good as Sunday’s walk so I was pretty happy.  I did try to walk some of the walk beside the rail trail path however given the rail trail is over the old railway tracks the ground is pretty compacted anyway and as hard to walk on.  I was doing this as a way to help my aching shins.  Regardless I did some stretching as best I could on the train and I had some muscle pain but not shin splints so that was a positive.  My knee now feels achy.  The sort of achy just before pulled muscles are completely healed.  I don’t mind that feeling.

Was pretty happy with my breakfast – I got this omelette wrap – didn’t realise the wrap was the omelette.  Tasted nice and as I am meant to not have gluten, it turned out to be a wise choice.  I was pleasantly surprised with my time to work.  Just under 40 minutes.  All 3 kms in under 13 mins per kilometre.

Of-course that wasn’t the crazy in my day. Brisbane and surrounds went into a three day lock down after the Premier announced the day before we wouldn’t be going into lock down.  Big bummer, this was my last week of school.  I may be burnt out from the job but I like my students.  The lockdown meant that I didn’t get to say goodbye to any classes except my home room class.  Covid and 2020/21 has taught me to go with the flow.  To add to everything I caught the train home without a face mask – anxiety rising here people and the meeting we were meant to have this morning was cancelled (so I was super early to work) but we had one after school which meant that I had to catch the later train home. 

On the up side – when I got off at Petrie to change trains, there was a beautiful cool breeze blowing and a fair bit of cloud cover so instead of walking up a couple of carriages so I was closer to the stairs at Lawnton when I got off the train, I kept on walking. Up the stairs at Petrie and off the platform.  It was actually pretty cool that I found myself walking home without realising it. I also took a slighltly longer trip home – 2km spot on.  My time for the splits this afternoon where much slower at dead on 15 mins per kilometer but they were consistent and there is a really big hill to climb on the way home.  I mean it seems big but I managed to not slow down at the top and recover quicker than I did 12 months ago when I last walked up the hill so I guess my overall fitness is improved.

The hill that used to scare me because it is so steep – the photo really puts it into perspective (as does a little bit of improving fitness)

Brisbane is in Lockdown now so I can’t go out to the dam to do another walk after work tomorrow – guess this means, instead of phoning Sally for a lift to school, I will walk to school tomorrow as well – because even though we are in lockdown, teachers and school staff still have to go to school – and whilst everyone else has to wear a facemask at work – we don’t, it’s just recommended.  Apparently Covid stops at school boundaries.

Hopefully the three day lockdown is it and we can go on our holidays to visit the family for a long weekend.

Total distance 5.26km

Fastest split  12:06mins/kilometer

No shin splints – Celebration day!!!

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