9. Getting harder to do the walks

Walking to work is getting much harder.  I am bored with the journey.  It’s a nice walk but part of the appeal of walking is seeing different things.  If I next did the walk in 6 months, I would see different seasons but for now it is just the quickest way to work.  I was going to shout myself a hot chocolate however the café was closed due to a covid lock down.  A bit frustrating as I was going to support the café industry which does it particularly tough – although not as bad as hairdressers – in every lock down. 

Anyway I did the just over 3kms to work and then I had to do another walk this afternoon to pick up a parcel from the post office and some meat for dinner.  All in all today I managed just over 5.5 kms.  Pretty good for a school day.  Fastest split was 12 mins 10 seconds for a kilometre and to be honest – I did start to feel that one in the shins.  Definitely walk faster in the mornings.

One thing I have noticed is that I am less likely to eat junk food at the moment and my skin feels nicer, smoother with a more consistent colour.  Not sure if that is a result of the exercise or the lack of junk food.  I really don’t feel like it this week. I guess the reason for the junk food is because if I want it, I used to just pop in the car and go get it.  Now there isn’t a car at home.  Good practice for the US where we will be a one car family.  Hope there are places to walk to, hope I have the guts to walk by myself.  It took a long time for me to walk by myself as an adult.  Actually that is a lie.  I always walked lots.  6kms to uni, twice a day was nothing. I did this most days.  No, my reluctance to walk by myself started when I got used to walking with my husband.  Then it became unusual to walk by myself.  Strange where life takes you.

Of course, now he’s in another country and I’ve been walking by myself to work. I didn’t bat an eyelid about Sunday’s solo stint although my sister told me I should have called her.  Didn’t think 6:15 am was an appropriate time.

Today I also did pushups, tricep dips and squats.  Tomorrow I might attempt some yoga – if I wake up in time. Mind you – if my husband was with me – I wouldn’t. He doesn’t like yoga.  I find it very interesting that whilst I claim to be a very independent person, now he is gone I realise just how much we did together and how reluctant exercise came if he did not participate with me.  I’ve never concentrated on that aspect of our relationship before.  Don’t get me wrong – he supports me in pretty much anything I want to do. When we are at home together – we do things together.  That is a habit we fell into.  I guess I really am a creature of habit – moving to a new country will be very interesting then.

2 Comments on “9. Getting harder to do the walks

  1. Like you, I used to walk by myself in the mornings and I enjoyed the solitude. Then, after we retired to the country, my husband and I started going on walks together (up and down the same country roads, day after day). Now I rarely walk without him by my side (and if he doesn’t want to go for a walk, I don’t go). Isn’t that odd? I really must start visiting the many trails and conservation areas around us and venture out on my own again.


    • I am so glad that I am not alone. I think it is just that I like spending time with him and that turned into a habit. Enjoy those conservation areas.


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