Burnt Out

My heart starts racing

I can feel the hate

Hate of my workplace

But not my workmates.

Every day a new thing

To bring the anxiety on

An argument between Admin

Another edict to follow.

I do my best each day

And appreciate the staff who appreciate me

So why do I feel so anxious

When I set foot inside the gates.

I leave on a Friday afternoon

Can’t wait to get back to the car

And then I spend the weekend

Worrying, fretting, chest tight

About things outside my control.

It’s not like I cannot handle things

I just don’t know how much more I can take

I keep pulling from reserves

I never knew I had.

No matter how much l enjoy my students

No matter how much they impact me

I do not know if I can walk back

And teach in a school again.

My last stint may have finished me

I guess only time will tell

If I can walk back into a school yard

As a teacher ever again.

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