10. Last day

It is not the last day of walking, rather the last day of doing the same repetitive walk.  I told a family member how I was over doing the same walk. They were not sympathetic.  Anyway I did not make any speed records today.  I actually struggled a whole heap not to call a friend for a lift.  Perhaps going to bed after 11pm is not conducive to having the right mental mindset for walking.

The walk was yuck.  I was slow, my lower legs hurt, my knees objected strongly to the stairs at the train stations – up and over two platforms today, those stairs are steep and long.  Best split for the kilometre was closer to 14 mins per kilometre and the slowest one was over 15 mins per kilometre.  That may have been because I had to wait at the lights near school.  I am very pleased I stuck with it and refused to call back up – it was a close thing.  It’s all done though and I shouldn’t complain because I don’t have to catch the train to work again – not for about 2 years.  School holidays and then long service leave – scary yet exciting.

My workplace – I have been very lucky to teach in environments that are beautiful, if I teach overseas, I am not sure I can get such a nice physical environment

Tomorrow I will do a walk in the local area or perhaps just some yoga.  I may have to pick up my car (we can only hope) so that will include more walking – never thought I would say it but a break from walking for a purpose would be good.  Walking just to walk – I have no problem with.

In the last 10 days I have walked 28.55km and that is not counting the walking around school, shopping centers and the short walks to the train (about 300m a pop).  Not bad given I’ve only driven to school one or two days (can’t remember now – too long ago).  Maybe I’ll set a target to walk 50Km in 10 days when I get to the USA.

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