12. Heart racing

The second day of my mini break saw me setting out around 7am to walk to the highway.  I know that seems lame but my relatives live at the end of a dead end road so walking through the bush or out to the highway is about it.  Today I chose to walk out to the highway.  It’s just over a 5km round trip and has a couple of rises so not a bad path for improving my fitness.

I decided to have a go at jogging.  It didn’t work too well.  My back was stiff – my sore knee objecting – pretty much everything about jogging caused something to object. This was a shame because the dirt road was soft and it would have been a nice road for a good run.  It just wasn’t working. Although after the pictures of pockets of beauty I probably could have run quite well when I stumble across a very aggressive green tree snake.

Some call these Yellow belly black snakes and from the photo you can see why.  But they are not – there is actually no such thing as a yellow belly black snake – they are green tree snakes with a really dark green top.  Anyway this snake certainly got my heart racing. 

My right calf was in agony – possibly because of the camber of the road meant that I had been walking with one foot tilted and lower than the other one.  Thus I had decided to walk on the road verge beside a cane field for a while.  I think I got between the snake and it’s meal (lots of little snake sized critters in the cane field).  Regardless I was glad my camera had a good zoom so I didn’t have to get to close to the bugger.  I spent the rest of the walk with eyes darting in every direction looking for hidden snakes. 

I also solved the sore calf issue by walking up the centre of the dirt road on the return leg. Thank goodness for poorly travelled country roads.  I also tried a jog along the short bitumen section but I just couldn’t convince my body to keep jogging.  Damn mind and it’s negative thoughts. My speed was very slow compared to how it had been.  I was unimpressed but I guess it was a day where things just weren’t going to gel.

Fastest split: 13 mins per km

Slowest split: 14.47 mins per km

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