13 – 16 Nothing days

Bloody hell I am mad at myself.  Easter Sunday – nothing.  I mean we visited another relative and went for a drive but we didn’t do anything unless you count playing pool.  I could maybe count it as a flexibility session but probably not.

Easter Monday we flew back to Brisbane early – but I had every intention of walking that evening.  Raining, raining and raining.  I could have done stuff inside – I have an exercise area but no I didn’t. 

Day 15 – I did 30 push ups and 15 squats.  I was going to do an evening walk or yoga.  I did neither telling myself that I had a whole lot of incidental stuff to do cleaning out cupboards etc.  There wasn’t as much incidental stuff as I thought – but it didn’t convince lazy me to do something more active.

Day 16 – arranged for my sister to be an exercise enforcer for Friday.  We are going for a walk together but not today.  I mean seriously I didn’t even park far away at the shopping centre.  I really have to get my butt into gear.  At the same time, I am staying up late because my husband is over seas (and we are joining him soon) but I hate going to bed alone.  Thus normally at 6am or dawn (whichever is first) I would get up and go for a walk, now I am so tired because I have only had a few hours sleep – yet it comes to after dinner and I don’t want to face the empty bedroom so I stay downstairs and watch TV.  I really don’t know how I am going to fight this attitude.  I have a gazillion things to do before I leave for the USA in 11 days.  I want to be all packed but it’s a bit soon.  There is a pile of linen, some small gifts for people, hiking bags and god knows what else to pack beside my bed on my exercise floor.  It’s seriously very hard. I am not an experienced international traveller so my brain keeps flowing with 100 random questions that I need to ask.  I’m good until midday each day and then I loose interest in working through the to do list and tomorrow is my student’s memorial Party (definitely not a funeral) – yikes.  It will be very positive I hope. The end result of all of this stuff is that I am not handling anything (don’t speak to me about car repairs!!!!). I am really struggling to exercise.  Thursday will be a better day and I will do some walking in the evening.  I just need to keep saying that.

2 Comments on “13 – 16 Nothing days

  1. I have a whole list of “excuses” at hand for days when I just can’t get motivated to exercise. Not a single one is “justifiable” but I tend to fall back on them pretty regularly. The hardest part of “exercising” is coming up with a motivation that kicks you in the butt every single day and gets you moving (I’ve yet to find one I can’t “excuse” myself around). Keep at it, though. Any day you exercise is cause for celebration; hopefully it gets easier (I read somewhere that you have to turn it into a “habit” first – which can take up to 66 days! – and then into a “routine” – like brushing your teeth. I have managed to make a short morning in-bed stretching practice and a slightly longer series of stretches at night into routines; I still struggle daily with the “bigger stuff” but I do believe “most days of the week” is “good enough”).


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