17. Funeral Party

I started out well today with 20 minutes of learning how to do a dance for a flash mob at my student’s funeral.  I couldn’t get the speed required but did manage to get a couple of sequences down pat.  I backed it up with some practicing in the kitchen whilst I was making my smoothie – fruit, natural yogurt and milk with some flaxseeds thrown in.  Very healthy if your world view is that dairy is not evil – which mine is (as long as it’s lactose free).

I promised myself that I would go and do more exercise after the funeral and that I would park extra far away.  The parking promise was always going to be met.  450 people attended and some people still had to stand outside.  Unfortunately, the moment I saw my friend (and my student’s mother) after the funeral my heart was crushed.  She was so broken I thought she was going to collapse several times.  It was an emotional black hole and by the time I got home – all I could do was hug the others in the house and collapse exhausted onto the sofa.  Another exercise promise broken – But where as my days off in Mackay I was quite annoyed with myself, today I had nothing left.  Can’t even remember what I cooked for dinner.

2 Comments on “17. Funeral Party

  1. I have no idea what the backstory of this post is, but I sense you are going a crisis. I understand it’s hard to lose someone. I hope you’re alright. Much love, strength and healing to you.


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