18. Exercise buddy day

I really shouldn’t have gone to bed at midnight last night but I couldn’t go to bed earlier.  I don’t know why – I was so tired but I just couldn’t and I probably wouldn’t have gone to bed then either except that I had committed to walking with my sister at 7:30 am.  Up hill and down dale apparently.  She advertised it as walking along a ridge line.  The walk started off nicely, along a babbly stream through shady trees. Unfortunately to get to ridge lines, you need to get to the ridge. Bugger of a hill to get to the ridge line and my shin splints didn’t like me at all until we got to the top.  Actually it probably wasn’t that bad but I felt it, and my shins felt it – I had to slow down just to cope with them. My trusty GPS tells me I climbed a total of 110m for the walk.  This is about twice the elevation climb I have done for any other walk recently. 

It was amusing to discover a retirement village perched on the side of this hill. I find the location amusing because any of the residents who wanted to start their fitness journey by walking had a heck of a start. Nothing gentle at all.  The driveway was horrendously steep at one location and I can’t imagine some old foegy deciding to walk for their heart health and having to struggle up the hill at the end of the walk.  Regardless – I made it up the hill with relief and discovered three very wet stuffed bears, presumably a hang over from our first lockdown.  We ended our walk with a set of killer stairs – worse than train station stairs – the risers were narrow and the rise was relatively high.  I am not sure my knee appreciated it. 

Enjoying a comfy log after their horendous climb up to the ridge
Certainly a decent view from the top

Length of walk was 4.4km, time – yikes  – over an hour and slowest time 16+ mins per kilometer (up the stairs!) the rest of the timing wasn’t so bad.  13mins on the flat warming up and 14-15mins on the hills and ridge including stopping to take some photos.

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