19. hot day = no exercise

Went to bed by 9:30 last night.  Woke up at 4:30 and miraculously went back to sleep until 6:30am.  Didn’t even think of going for a walk.  The dam grounds will still be a continuous mud puddle.  I did however jump out of bed and start packing.  This doesn’t sound very energetic but there was lots of movement required, bending, stretching, going up and down the stairs.  In the evening, I planned to get up in the TV commercials and do stuff but by the time I was up (to turn on the fan) and remembered my plan, the TV show started again.

This is getting a tad depressing – I am so not good at exercising.  I thought my close to 3 weeks enforced walking would do it but turns out – the moment I don’t have to walk, I stop.  I used to be able to do an easy 6km per hour or 10 mins per kilometre.  Now there is always an excuse – the sore knee from shifting, a tight calf, shin splints.  I never used to be like this with walking.  I loved walking.  All I can think is that my walking buddy is overseas (in one week I join him).  Another write off in the exercise department today.

It makes me so mad to keep making excuses for myself.  I always start off well and then everything just fades.  It’s very frustrating and I could argue that I hate myself for it.  So many people I know have huge problems/issues/challenges in their lives.  The most I have at the moment is the stress of moving overseas.  I don’t even need stress to pull the plug on an exercise session.  My challenge from now on, is to make exercise important.  I should probably add food into the issues I have as well.  This shift has not been good for my waistline.

2 Comments on “19. hot day = no exercise

  1. Three weeks seems to be my “limit” for any exercise program I undertake. I’m good for 21 or so days, then I fade (and start making excuses). There has to be some “magic” to getting past that!


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