20. Proud of myself

I thought today would be yet another dud in the exercise plan.  The plan this morning (formulated when I woke up) was to put Youtube on the TV downstairs and find a dance exercise program to fumble my way through.  I like dancing – but I am actually not very good at it.  This is not me saying that when I am okay – I am seriously crap.  I can’t remember moves, love being in time but by the time I have moved my floor magnets of feet the instructor is 5 steps on.  Anyway I was calculating the time I would need before I left to start my days of farewell when my sister messaged.  She was coming over to drop off some frozen meals for me to take to Dad.  She’s 20 minutes away – the most I could hope for was a 15 minute video.  Yeah Na – didn’t happen.  I didn’t want her to interrupt me looking like an idiot (she did that enough growing up 😊).  I thought I would wait until she left.

Nope that didn’t happen anyway – she stayed for a cup of tea – which is cool because in a week she’s going to be a sister all on her lonesome – something that hasn’t happened for almost 20 years.  Anyway by the time she left I checked my phone to see where my friend wanted to meet for coffee in a couple of hours.  Oh shit – hadn’t sent the message yesterday.  End of story – no dancing in the morning.  Bugger.

I did lots of driving and had to organise my visits for tomorrow.  Really bummed that I didn’t do any dancing.  Then I thought, I’m actually on the computer.  I could just turn the screen to face the vaguely large enough space and dance before I watched TV.  Holy shit – I did it.

Thank god for Youtube ads – that is all I could say but I made it despite fellow housemate telling me that she could teach me but then declining (got to love kids), messages from relatives wanting to arrange visits before we go overseas and the fact that I felt like an incompetent fool (there was this lady at the back that made me feel better – she was just no where near as flexible as the dancers at the front).

18 minutes of latin dancing (worked up a sweat!)

Pulse 95 beats per minute

(I know the pulse rate is not indicative of how fast I went because by the time I found a timer on my phone and my pulse, everything had slowed down slightly – I will do better next time. I am feeling pretty impressed with myself and now, I can relax in front of the TV.

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