Day 21-33 Days off for travelling.

You wouldn’t think it would take 12 days to move half way around the world but it did.  (I could be fuzzy on the exact number of days).  Here’s the deal, there was all the last-minute running around looking for things, buying a new suitcase when I discovered the zipper of the other one was broken, visiting relatives that I wouldn’t be seeing for quite some time, making sure the child remaining in Australia had enough food to last a few days.  It was exhausting and I did weights each day lifting suitcases up and down off the bed so I could pack or sleep depending.  Each suitcase ended up at the 22 kgs by the end of it.  Some nights they were up around the 30kg level.  Sadly, I had to remove much of the lolly stash and a few packets of biscuits.

Then there were the actual days of flying, getting to the good old USA and taking a couple of days sorting out things.  Jet lag is crap – I really don’t like it.

Anyway, for these days it was quite impossible for me to do much more than I actually did.  I may have taken a 5km walk with my sisters and brother-in-law as one of my farewell activities but I honestly can’t remember if it was in the 12-day period that will from now be known as “The blur”.

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