33. Back at it

Took a walk around the new place.  It’s not a very walkable location.  No footpaths and the road have no edges so I think I will be confining myself to laps of the rather large complex where I now live.  It was a short amble today – about 1.3km around the outside.  I know I can get another 500m in but my enforced walking partner had other ideas.  We certainly didn’t walk far but I did do a YouTube exercise program based around core muscle development.  It was meant to be 25 minutes long. 45 second intervals with 15 second rests between the sets.  Ummmmm – I really need to work on my core. I didn’t manage 45 seconds of anything and stopped after 15 minutes.  I didn’t think I was so unfit – still I have a base line so as long as I improve total time and length of sets I can manage I will be good.  I will revisit the program every couple of weeks.

The complex also has a gym so that will be handy on my husband’s days off. There is a swimming pool but that is not large enough for laps. I could probably do some water polo games with my living companions 0 didn’t bring the water polo overseas with us but there must be a sports store in this neck of Louisiana.

The walk was not much 1.3km and done slowly but it was pleasant and flat!!!!  But I guess that seems to be my adopted state’s geography – my old geography teacher would attempt to get away with gently undulating but I think “very minor undulations” would be more appropriate. 

This isn’t a hill, we are down a bridge. The only changes in the landscape here seem to be where road builders have built up the road to avoid flooding, or popped a bridge over a swamp!

Judging by the speed I’d say Jetlag is still a feature of my life at the moment. Hopefully it will disappear soon. Anyway – back on the exercise band wagon.

Fastest/Slowest Split: 15:25 mins/kilometer

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