34. Bummer

It was a slow day again today.  Yes I did do exercise but I really didn’t push it.  Actually, I dragged my daughter out and we went faster because she wanted to get everything over and done with.  I was fine with that and promised myself I would do two laps so at least I was going to walk 2.5km plus (that’s about 1.55 miles) but I piked (which means I gave up) after one lap. I did manage to snap a photo of a turtle. I have no idea what type but I am not used to seeing them in Australia unless you are a long way from civilization.

So very annoyed with myself even if the speed was faster.  I started thinking about food today.  They (not sure who they are) say that weight loss is mostly about food intake.  I’ve heard this from a range of sources so I thought I had better get on with it.  I have dietary issues which have made moving overseas challenging.  It’s not just about getting the right food for everyone, but I have to get the right food for me.  Going out to dinner or lunch has been a challenge – so much in Louisiana has dairy as a component , unless you want deep fried food.

Fortunately the take away food shops are only just starting to open up for walk-ins vs drive through. This makes avoiding take away easy. I mean we have no idea what is on the menu and I feel holding everyone up in the line behind us would be plain rude. Louisianans seem to be very polite. Thus we just haven’t bothered with take away. We’ll have to try it some day. I have had fried cat fish – I am reliably informed you do not have to noddle to catch them (thank goodness). It was beautiful. One of those fish that almost taste as meaty as meat and quite on par with wild baramundi.

Distance – not even a kilometer

Pace: 14:07 mins/kilometer. I thought I did better than that.

2 Comments on “34. Bummer

  1. I’ve done the whole “quality vs. quantity” thing (calories consumed) and the food journal thing (“write down everything you put into your mouth”) and the satiety thing (eating salads and soups, etc. to feel fuller longer) for months now and haven’t noticed a single pound’s difference on the scale. Very frustrating. I’ve been digging and weeding and burning all sorts of additional calories in the garden, but it doesn’t seem to have any impact (I do yoga and/or strength training every single day; I do admit to needing to up my cardio but the weather’s been either too hot or too cold/rainy the last month or so to walk far). It’s super frustrating. I suspect my body has decided its “comfortable” at the weight I’m at (which is “average” for my age and height) but I’d sure like to shed some of this excess “wobbly stuff” around my middle. Why is it so easy to put weight/fat ON and so hard to get it OFF??!?!?


    • A minute on the lips – a lifetime on the hips. I don’t know who said that but it is so very true. I think we are all so very different we have to find the unique way for each of us to shed the kilos 🙂 Good luck.


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