35. A little bit happier

Did a longer lap with my husband today – but I forgot to press record on my tracking software.  Quite annoyed but we walked for 20 minutes around the complex and in and out the roadways so I think it must have been closer to the 2km walking.  Very pleasant walking at this time of the year in Louisiana.  I am surprised of how few pedestrians I have seen given the beautiful weather.

I think in all our driving today (we needed groceries and furniture) I saw two people walking.  Foot paths do not seem to feature outside of the immediate business area of a town and the road verges on some of the roads are quite scary given the size of the trucks – I would call them utes but that is a very Australian term. 

Also started home-schooling today – yowsers, glad it will not be a long term prospect, just something to align school years as they do not coincide with the Australian school year.  Had this very nice seafood pasta my husband made.  Crawfish tails and prawns (shrimp for the USA people), with a creamy sauce, plenty of vegetables and some cajun spice mix.  Very nice.  The meal was most enjoyable, cleaned out my sinuses and I didn’t have a huge bowl, I stopped eating when I was just full and didn’t go back for any other nibbles afterwards.  This was a win for me and long may it last.

I used to be able to walk much faster than I currently find my times. Yet I can actually jog (not far) but I have never been able to do that before. This confuses me. Perhaps I have gotten into the habit of walking slowly, time will tell when the tracker works if I am increasing my pace.

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