37 . Non scale victory

I really didn’t want to exercise today.  My husband worked a 14 plus hour day the day prior and needed to speak to me to unwind when he got home.  I have no problem with this, he’s a paramedic so unwinding is an incredibly important part of the job.  It did however mean that I went back to sleep after he left – I was going for an hour – 3 hours later!!!  I wasn’t really in the mood for exercise when I finally woke.  I almost put on jeans but then thought I would never exercise if I did.  Thus, I quite reluctantly put on the wide legged (used to be comfortable) pants.  Non scale victory.  They were much more comfortable than when I wore them just under 2 weeks ago.  Yeah!  Definitely felt like exercising then 😊.  Still not as good as they used to be but any step in the right direction – right.

End result I managed a rather pathetic 1.3kilometre trip around the complex, slowed down by the multiple photos I took of wildlife.  I did not manage to capture the hundreds of dragonflies but I guess that is something to aim for.  You’d think given how impressed I was with my non scale victory I would pace it out, but unfortunately, I didn’t.  I will take the win of the exercise.

I think these are Canadian Geese and their goslings. Quite impressed with how much they ignored me as Geese are known for being teritorial. Perhaps it is because the geese are mitagory. I wonder when they will start their journey north – I though they migrated for Summer???

2 Comments on “37 . Non scale victory

  1. Canada Geese tend to find a place they like and stick with it. Most don’t migrate at all anymore (they even stay in southern Ontario all winter).


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