38. Made it to the gym

I finally made it to the gym.  It’s attached to the complex we are living in so I wasn’t expecting too much.  However, it was clean, had 3 different types of cardio, and a variety of weights.  Pretty good for a home gym type set up and I know it’s included in our rent so I am happy to not have to get any gym equipment.  A yoga mat for at home would be good.

I used the treadmill today – ellipticals sometimes give me pins and needles in my feet and the bike was recumbent – not my preferred way of riding.  It was nice to be able to set a pace and an incline and not get distracted by mallard ducks or Canadian geese (with their very large goslings!).  It was also nice to get my heart rate up whilst walking.  The biggest problem was that everything was in miles and I don’t speak fluent miles.  I did work out that 3 miles per hour as a pace is just a little too slow to keep my heart rate up and 3 miles per hour according to google is about 4.8km per hour – all of this makes sense.  I kept my pace to 3.5mph and did 1.2 miles.  When I got back to the apartment I realised that this is still less than 2 kilometres.  Bugger (watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPYmtEQiG18 for a fun look at the meaning of the word in this context) – I will do more next time I am on the treadmill.  My incline varied from 7 to 9.  I don’t know what that means as I couldn’t find any units but 7 seemed easier than the incline I used on the last treadmill in Australia which was 3 degrees.  An incline of 9 was a stretch for me at 3.5mph which is what I wanted. Last night I had Spaghetti Bolognese with no snacks afterwards and I have to admit to wanting to snack before hand but I kept reminding myself that I was bored, not actually hungry.  I did get to the stage where I did get hungry and decide that I could have toast and jam.  Little problem – we don’t actually own a toaster 😊.  I guess having a minimal kitchen has some benefits.  Today I inadvertently intermittent fasting again.

4 Comments on “38. Made it to the gym

  1. I have a real aversion to the treadmill. It’s BORING! I’ve tried listening to music, audio tapes of books, and even watching TV (at our previous home) while “walking” but nothing made it more enjoyable. I do persevere in the winter as much as I can, but I prefer walking in the outdoors (with its natural inclines and obstacles!) One “trick” I learned re: food (when I was REALLY serious about losing weight several years ago) was to use a smaller plate and a smaller fork (i.e., dessert / bread plate and dessert fork). You can fill your plate (but with a much smaller portion) and eat just as many mouthfuls (smaller fork = smaller bites) and “keep pace” with people eating larger servings. It worked and I still do it to this day. I also “allow” myself a piece of dark chocolate or a mini chocolate bar or a single scoop of ice cream most nights for “dessert”. The hardest part of “dieting” (I hate that term; I prefer “modified eating plan”) was the sense of deprivation. Now I eat more intuitively (paying way more attention to my body signals – am I bored or hungry? REALLY hungry or just mildly? etc.) and I don’t deprive myself of things I love (I just eat less of them). I lost 25 pounds eight years ago and have kept it off! Some days (the “stress days”) are harder than others, but it mostly works for me.


    • I am about to try audiobooks on the treadmill. It is getting very hot here for long walks. Thanks for the plate advice and well done on your weight loss.


      • Thanks. I found I couldn’t walk as fast as I should have been while listening to audio books. Fast-paced music was much better but I still got bored after about 15 minutes. I read somewhere that multiple short “spurts” a day we just as good as one longer one (so 15 x 3 vs. 45 minutes). Some days I manage to get downstairs for 2 x 15 but the third is tough. Good luck with your “mission” – you’ve done well to be consistent and committed.


  2. Yes, i was the same, or similar did just a few cardio and light weight.


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