39. Feeling flat

Well I managed to get woken up multiple times last night.  Thanks Australian child – okay ignore that I am just being snarky for a lack of sleep.  There is a link to poor sleep and weight gain (https://www.webmd.com/diet/sleep-and-weight-loss#1) and if you read this article, I particularly like the paragraph that talks about how being tired makes your brain look for easy rewards (in my case – SNACKS in the form of lollies or chocolate – yummo!). This explains a lot particularly in view of the sleepless nights related to work stress (I do not actually recommend people become teachers no matter how much I love teaching – of course you may be much better at managing work life balance than I am 😊).

I stress over so many things, big things, stupidly small things and I guess now I have some time, I can look at it and say there is some anxiety lurking pretty much permanently there for me.  This contributes to my lack of sleep.  I’ve been going very well now that I am over here and the jet lag has receded to a not quite distance memory.  Thus, last night was a bit of a shock.

We had a great day yesterday – started well with the exercise.  So many little and big things off our “Setting up in a new country” to do list that we really did feel quite accomplished.  I did risk buying preprepared food and it certainly wasn’t a low carb day for me – although still gluten free.  Maybe that gave me difficulties sleeping.  I also know that we spoke to so many people when we got home from our wandering that we were all quite socialled out.  That’s our family of introverts’ expression for when we need to retreat into ourselves.  I think I spent over 2 hours on the phone – Love Facebook Messenger – to various relatives including my son.  Loved chatting to him for such a long time.

Anyway, despite being completely over social interactions (most of them online) I headed off to bed and a night of interuptions.  Don’t get me wrong, I am glad my Australian child rang (twice!) but it was not conductive to sleep.  I also drove my husband to work in the wee hours (this means very early hours) of the morning and then fell into a somewhat effective sleep finally.

Pretty impressed with myself – even if I still feel flat – I did 25 minutes of exercise before breakfast.  I didn’t do a set program and I have to admit to starting out thinking I would just do some push ups and crunches because at least that way I would have done something today and wouldn’t feel so bad about writing this post with nothing done.  My 15 push ups off the too high kitchen bench turned into several off the much, much lower bathtub, crunches, planks, squats and other exercises that I have no idea the name of but have been part of various workout programs I have followed over the years.

Now I can write this and the spark of flatness has disappeared because I have realised that even when I didn’t want to exercise and would rather eat chocolate, I did the right thing for my health.  Light bulb moment – which I am old enough not to get for something so minor – I have been successful today at several things. 

By the way, we do have a reasonable stash of Australian chocolate in the house but I am ignoring it and saying it is there for us to share with American guests when we actually have furniture. (Whatever excuse works 😊).

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