40. Exploring New Orleans

No formal exercise today – unless you count a few push ups off the bath tub edge.  I did spend a few hours wandering around the French Quarter of New Orleans.  Wow, there was even mid-morning jazz was coming out of what I think were bars.  Bars in the USA (or at least this part of it) are much less noticeable than back home.  It seems to be more a hole in the wall type place with everything being squished into small corners.  Mardi Gras beads were still up and it wasn’t too crowded which was nice.

I don’t know what else to say other than I eyes travelled everywhere trying to take too much in.  The walking was almost challenging given the state of foot paths.

We finished off our wanderings with a meal with friends at a Cajun place where I ate too much!  Lemonade over here is actually real – you can taste the lemon but at the cost of sugar so yet another high carb day.  Breakfast was healthy – fruit and natural yogurt, lunch was certainly not healthy (but really, really nice – I am in love with onion rings!!!).  Dinner – I don’t actually need anything.  Still not hungry after lunch so I guess I will be intermittent fasting again. I finished eating at 2pm, it is now after 6pm and the most I want is water.  This is actually good for me as I have some issues and find that 12 plus hours of not eating helps settle these down.

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