41. Exercise mind set – improving

Today I had a non-scale victory.  I got up, did a couple of small chores then momentarily thought about breakfast.  The thought was – if I eat breakfast now I will not exercise so let’s do an exercise program now.  I didn’t even argue with myself, just turned on YouTube and did the same Body Project work out I did earlier.  Quite impressed with myself.

To top it off I had a very healthy breakfast, after a fast of close to 18 hours.  I find it humorous that I am intermittent fasting but not actually trying to.  When I worked, it was actually hard to intermittent fast.  Our morning tea time was at a good time, however by the time you incorporated play ground duties, detentions and other duties you couldn’t guarantee your planned 15 hours fast wouldn’t be 20 hours.  I managed 18 hours without much thought today but most of that time I was busy doing activities I liked.  Hangry didn’t enter into the equation.  Me, hangry in a classroom, just ask my students 😊.  One of them used to say “Miss, you’re hangry,” then she would turn to the class and say “Don’t take anything she says personally – she’ll apologise tomorrow.”  I think that student knew me too well.

Regardless I am claiming a win for today in the exercise stakes.  What I did realise is that now I am at home most of the time (and enjoying the calmness) I am so much more sedentary.  My lower back is starting to feel the lack of continuous use. I have gone from 7000 steps a day to probably less than 1000. Thus, I am going to have to up the planned exercise or some how do more movement throughout the day.  Given my day consists of writing and craft (I think I’ve got another week in me before this gets boring) I probably need to put in a before craft session and a mid-craft session. 

For now – I will add in some planks, push ups and squats before I get distracted by my phone each time.  Got to love a new positive goal.

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