42. I did it again 😊

I have to be quite impressed with myself.  This is the second day in a row that I just exercised.  I didn’t have anything much planned for exercise other than it would start with a lap of the complex.  We have the air conditioner on pretty much all the time to combat the humidity so I wanted some fresh air today.  When I got up, I got my running shoes on and went.  I thought I might do a couple of laps or something.  Technically I didn’t do a full lap but I did make 2.85 km (about 1.8 miles).  I also jogged twice.  I am not talking a shuffle that I pretend to be a jog but a faster than I walk, legs bent like they are running, jog.  And I did that twice.

Wow!  Of course, the second jog wasn’t as far as the first but both jogs got the blood pumping into my brain.  This is the goal of every exercise session as when the blood pumps through the brain it helps remove plaques.  Plaques are nasty things that lead to dementias.  Not keen on developing too many plaques.  Now usually it is my brain that gets in the road of me doing things – “oh, there’s a hole, you’d best stop jogging in-case you fall into it.”  That type of thing so I was doubly impressed when instead of stopping at the first fearful thing that happened to me here, I kept going. I went past a fellow exerciser who told me she was having a great day – the birds hadn’t chased her.  Say What! I have to be concerned for territorial birds.  If you worked with me – you’d understand.  I couldn’t get from the car to my desk without fear of being swooped by not so friendly native birds in Spring.  Now I find out I have to be worried about the ducks and geese!!!  I kept going and may have gone the long way around a few clusters of feathered friends.  The important thing is that my brain did not try to take the easy way out.

From memory Geese are meant to be good guarddogs – I currently regret not asking what birds I should be scared of. I would hate to avoid all birds because of the insincts of a species.
A pretty evening primose hiding amongst the grasses

I have to admit to loving not working at the moment.  I got home from my 35-minute exercise stint (only stopping once to take a photo of those really pretty green lizards – but only because the dragonflies and little brown birds move too fast for my poor photography skills).  Then I did some housework, organising etc keeping active for another hour.  Yesterday I added lots of push ups, squats and stair runs into my day.  Running up three flights of stairs is exhausting and long may that last because the 18 stairs in this apartment are the closest we get to a hill in this part of Louisiana.  Currently thinking working was bad for my health.

Fastest kilometre – 11 minutes 45 seconds

Slowest kilometre – 12 mins 45 seconds

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