43. Feeling exhausted but good

Today was a quick and hard workout.  We started out the day (my husband was on a day off) and did some housey things such as car repairs and groceries.  For the first time we managed to get a reasonable amount of food for a reasonable price.  The problem with moving somewhere completely new is that you don’t actually know what things are.  Convert everything to imperial measurements and suddenly I am paying $5.00 for a pound and I have no idea what that is in grams.  Finally getting the hang of that. 

After getting home and unloading groceries, getting breakfast (a 14 hour fast today) and having a relax, we decided that we could just chill today.  I know that I don’t get out because we only have one car and the neighbourhood is not walkable but my husband does deserve a rest day periodically.  Today is apparently the day.

I put the offer out of a walk around the complex (probably pretty humid out there) or a 30-minute exercise video.  He chose to run up and down the stairs ten times.  I should have put my timer on.  It was hard work.  I made 5 trips up the stairs before I had to take a break.  On my break I did 20 push ups off a low counter.  Then I managed another two flights and did 10 push ups.  A final push for the remaining three flights just about finished me off but I forced myself to do 20 squats, 20 crunches and a 44 second plank. 

The plank was 12 seconds longer than my previous effort so not bad.  Probably would have been better if I didn’t buy these very nice bite sized pastries whilst grocery shopping – never grocery shop on an empty stomach!  I did manage to avoid chocolates and whilst I was going to buy some American jubes to see what they were like, the shopping trolley (they call it a basket over here) was already pretty full so that was one was easy to ignore.

Food choices are getting more refined over here.  We have to find an Australian style butcher somewhere.  I know Louisiana is humid and extra salt in the diet isn’t a bad thing, but I cooked what I thought was straight pork chops (fat mostly trimmed off).  We had this with some low carb vegetables so I was quite surprised when I bit into the pork to discover it was salty.  We shall see how the steaks go tonight. In general, I am putting more movement into my day.  Lots of push ups off the bath tub, squats whilst cooking and the odd additional trip up the stairs.  My back is certainly feeling better for it.  I am working quite hard on not eating because I am bored.  Yesterday was a great day for just sticking to proper meals – today I have those bite sized pastries.  Must remember not to purchase anything like that again.  But that is hard because I am trying to experience American life in full and that means – at least occasionally – testing out the range of food available.

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