44. Rest day

I did intend to do some exercise this morning before our tourist jaunt.  But something stopped me and I really don’t know what.  I didn’t even do any push ups to start the day.  I did have a healthy breakfast – well as healthy as I can find with cereals.  Trying to find cereal with no added sugars is very hard in this town.  Although I did find some for $12 for about 300g.  No way was I paying that much.

Our tourist jaunt involved plenty of walking around.  We joined the library – they are very large over here so plenty of wandering around the stacks and we went to the USS Kidd museum.  This is classified as a living museum which I think means that the USS Kidd could still actually sail – although it might take a bit to get it up and running.  That was amazing and I found myself climbing up and down almost vertical stairs.  I did actually work up a puff (but that may have been from the face mask?).

I know the wandering was just that, wandering. But between that and the other incidental activity I was active for several hours.  The perfect type of rest day I suspect.  Nothing strenuous but still movement.

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