45. Feeling tired

My day started too early with family face time.  Normally I’d turn the sound off on my phone but given I have a child in Australia, I’ve been leaving it on so that I can hear it if said child calls me with any issues – you can’t get rid of being a mum.  It took me ages to get back to sleep and then when I did, it was pretty much time for me to get up.

I am challenging myself to get into a somewhat reasonable schedule.  Since arriving overseas I have been going to bed much later and getting up sometimes around the 9 am mark.  For those that know me – I am usually such a morning person so this surprised me however my husband finishes in the late evening, and it is daylight savings so sometimes I am not getting dinner until 7 or 8 pm (that’s when I start cooking 😊).  Thus this week I have a 7 am get up and start the day time.  I sort of managed it today (7:10 am).

The first thing on my agenda was to do a kick-butt walk/jog of longer time and length than my last walk around the complex.  It didn’t start well – I was slow and I could feel it but I went along some of the outsides of the complex today and decided we will have to find a cricket bat because there is an amazing open spot that, when mowed would make a great spot for cricket.  I also decided we needed a handball so that we could play handball in the evening out the front of the apartment – I shall add a handball to the purchase list.  I discovered these flowers that I have been seeing on the road verges and generally got myself into a better frame of mind.

It paid off – the slower start to the walk.  I managed three jogs today – the first was a write-off, everything hurt.  Okay, I exaggerated.  My lower back was tight and my knee decided that running was not for it.  I didn’t even make it around the pond.  But after a short recovery period, I tried again.  Experience has taught me that if the first jog doesn’t feel right then the next jog will.  This is exactly what happened today.

Of course normally when I get back to the house I do a range of little housework things but today I scrolled Facebook instead.  I’ll still do the housework tasks but just spread them out over a longer period.  I will also go back to doing push-ups and squats. 

Distance: 3.00 kilometres  (1.86 miles – might try for 2 miles next walk day)

Fastest split: 11.38mins/km

Slowest split: 14.02mins/km

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