46. Impressed with myself

I am impressed with myself.  This is the 46th day that I have been attempting to get healthier.  I know there were days when nothing happened and I certainly need to pay more attention to my diet – it would help if I didn’t have a child who loved to bake!  But when I started this blog – I didn’t think I would even get to the point of posting it, let alone using it to motivate myself so that a month and a half later I am still making fitness a priority.  Things could be different if I was at work but I am on long service leave and it is all about doing things for me.

Today I started with a 2-mile walk (just over 3.2kilometres).  I didn’t do any jogging but I was okay with that as I seemed to be walking at a good pace.  The pace could have been better if I didn’t stop and chat to the fisherpeople as to what they were catching (or not) in the ponds.  Apparently, if you can catch it – it’s pretty much edible.  Perhaps we will get fishing rods in a few weeks.  The only fish I recognised was catfish and bream (not sure it’s the bream I am used to seeing in Australia).  I could also improve my pace by not taking photos but one of my friends put me onto a plant identification app so now I know what I am looking at.  Very nice.  I am also trying to take photos of the dragonflies but they don’t like staying still for long enough for me to get my phone out. 

When I got back to the apartment after enjoying my walk I decided to make my exercise for today around 60 minutes.  Thus I found a 20-minute exercise program on YouTube.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UItWltVZZmE If that was a beginner exercise video I am an orangutan.  There was jumping involved.  I do not jump!  Okay so I attempted the jumps today – some of them but most I modified to be a little less off the ground and more on the ground.  I know – jumping is meant to be very good for you.  I do not jump!  Starting with star jumps was certainly not good for my mental attitude which deteriorated rather quickly when I realised I was going to have to jump again.  Turns out there were about 6 jumping sections in it.  But the main thing that annoyed me is that this was meant to be a beginner program and there were no alternative exercises, no explanations of how to do the activities – in fact, no talking at all.  I would have had more success going back to the previous workout I did.

I stuck with it and included some of my modifications and I will probably never do the workout again. Yes, it got my heart racing, yes you knew what was coming up next but it was boring and I appreciate seeing someone who looks like me.  Young thin and uber-fit is not my thing.  I am sure that is not accepting of everyone but I am not the teacher here and I want to know that people of my vintage (remember I’ve been 25 for years 😊) are capable of doing things because we’ve all got issues.  So there is the ugly truth.  Young, thin and uber-fit is not my cup of tea.  She could have improved things by including modifications, talking and a few other things.  I did manage to complete most things (sans the excessive jumping), not at her pace.  But I made it to 60 minutes of exercise today and walking 2 miles. 

May have ruined it with breakfast (remember I have that cook in the house).  I own up to chocolate pancakes, berries, maple syrup and yogurt – very nice).  I also did a 16 hour fast.  (Loving not working and being at home – it makes Intermittent fasting so easy!)

Fastest split: 12:18mins/km

Slowest split: 14:09 mins/km (this was when I was talking and taking photos)

Average pace: 13:14mins/km

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