48. Foiled by the weather

I was all set to go for a walk today.  My knee was still a little sore – I have no idea what I did to it moving day but the knee is still periodically playing up with certain exercises.  Regardless my morning walk was not to be – even with all the blinds open in the unit, it was so dark outside I still had to have the lights on to see much.  Certainly not conducive to exercise and to think I want to live in Alaska where they have months of winter dullness – may have to rethink that. 

I tried to convince myself to do a YouTube workout however my brain said it wanted to walk. This was because the night before I had planned to walk – I am a creature of routine.  I did plenty of planning, budgeting, crafting and then at 6:30 pm I went for a walk.  This surprised me because if I don’t exercise in the morning, I never used to exercise at all.  However I just decided I needed to move and the sun was out a little. That sun had a bite for one that had hidden behind layers of cloud for the day. 

Turns out that 6:30 pm is a popular time for people to be out and about in the complex.  Although perhaps because the rest of the day was so drab everyone decided to catch the sun whilst they could.  It was nice, with plenty of fellow walkers, children on bikes and even a budding chalk artist although I doubt that the art would be long-lived.  The turtles were on the banks of the ponds.  Unfortunately, they are as flighty as the dragonflies when it came time to photograph them.  I managed one.

Because I hadn’t done much by the way of physical activity, I pushed my walking so that I was hoping for a fast pace.  I find it hard to tell, in the moment, but the walking felt good and I almost jogged but never quite made it.  The weather was oppressive and I felt pleased with myself for just getting outside.  Walking the last kilometre to get to the two-mile mark was hard.

Fastest split: 12:19 min/km

Slowest split: 13:10 min/km

Distance: 3.53km (approx. 2.19 miles)

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