49. Another stormy morning in LA

I was hoping to do a short walk this morning and then hit the farmer’s market in Baton Rouge.  It was storming – thunder and lightning and there is nothing high in this neighbourhood except the buildings.  Again, walking did not sound appealing. 

Thus I got up and did a workout on YouTube.  It was the body project workout that is all standing and uses no equipment that I like.  My method behind doing this one again is because three of us were at home and I wanted company.  I got it.  Everyone made it through the program and I even got feedback that we probably all needed to do that more often.  Yeah – victory for me.

We finished off the day with a new vacuum cleaner.  It was a workout, vacuuming the carpet.  The cleaner is quite heavy and the carpet, plush.  Makes for a good arm workout and functional fitness.  I just need to remember to use both arms (so I won’t be lopsided in strength 😊)

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