50. Success

I worked out several things yesterday, one of which was that if I was to meet my financial goals for 10 years, I need to make money.  The easiest way to make money is through teaching.  A US teacher income will be sufficient for me to pay the rent here and meet my financial goals.  I was calm about it at the time.

Last night was a different story.  A couple of things happened yesterday and they seem very small on the surface.  I didn’t place too much worry or thought on any of them.  So by the time, we went to bed having homemade burgers – Yum and yes not Keto remember I am only mostly keto and I’d had about 4 days of a quite low carb intake – I thought sleeping would be quite easy.  We’d been out and about, I’d talked to people, done things but sleep was a long time coming.  I ended up reading and then Facebooking until midnight before I finally slept.  That was after trying unsuccessfully to meditate.  I could feel the tension in my facial muscles and it was all about going back to a classroom.

I simply don’t want to do it.  Thus I was quite impressed with myself because I got myself up before 8 am to go to the gym having decided that doing 3 miles walking/jogging on the treadmill would be a good start to my day.  The keycard worked today so I got access and I worked out how to turn the TV on.  I like the noise, I don’t watch it or even listen to it.  I quite like this treadmill – or I thought I did.  I was spot on time to complete my first mile in 20 minutes.  I decided to embrace imperial units of measurement (that and whilst I can find out the distance in kilometres, I can’t do my speed in kilometres 😊).  At exactly 20 minutes the treadmill announced that I was cooling down.  No way.  It took me a bit to work out how to restart it and I certainly couldn’t work out how to increase the time (perhaps next trip to the treadmill). 

The second mile was a killer.  I did some jogs (again I had no idea what speed I was doing in km/hr but my rough calculations put it at between 6 and 7km/hr – so much slower than my fastest time – something to work towards).  After I stopped jogging I started thinking.  This was a bad move.  The reason I love jogging is that it has me physically exhausted to the point that I can’t think – very relaxing.  Today, however, my brain went to a negative place. True stories of students and the hell they have been through, the absolute rubbish that school staff put each other through, it was not pleasant thinking.  I was so tempted to stop with it.  I did this mile faster and my brain told me to give up.  I’d done over 2 miles in 40 minutes which was my best walk for ages.

I tricked myself into starting the third mile because I knew I would hate myself for the day if I did not and fortunately for me the trick worked. (The trick was as simple as pressing the go button again and increasing the speed). By about a quarter of the way through the last mile, when I realised that I was going to complete my goal my attitude changed towards the day.  I have time to work out something to do as an alternative to teaching.  I also have time to work out how to balance my life better if I do go back into teaching. I was in a much happier frame of mind by the end of my 3 miles.

*Fastest Split: 17 mins per mile (10:52 mins/km)

Slowest Split: 20 mins per mile (12:42 mins/km)

*estimate only

2 Comments on “50. Success

  1. There are lots of alternatives to teaching in the classroom – tutoring is one. Or – try a brand new skill. What have you always wanted to do (but didn’t “dare” undertake?) Now’s your chance. New country … new career! Good luck.


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