51. Rest day

Today was a rest day.  It wasn’t going to be but I decided that I had to do some serious housework.  If I don’t do things like that first up then they don’t get done.  This was meant to translate into an afternoon session of exercise but then I started a new craft project and well before I knew it my husband was home from work and I was reading a book.  No way exercise is going to happen if I pick up a book.

That is one reason why I always try to exercise in the morning.  At least that way, I feel successful.  Still, the book was good, the craft project is not a cross-stitch so it shouldn’t take me months to finish (always a plus) and I am on leave.  I am allowed to do just this.  I love long service leave. 

Fortunately, the vacuum cleaner is not the lightest so by the time I had done the cleaning, I’d incorporated stretching and arm work into the schedule. Tomorrow is a tourist day – lots of walking 😊

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