52. Touring the botanical gardens

We finally had a good day for doing touristy things – not raining, not hot, just enough sun.  Thus I loaded up the people fortunate enough to live with me and we headed to the Botanical Gardens with me warning them there would be lots of walking.  I think we went to the wrong gardens as I only managed just over 1.2 km (under a mile).  It was an amble but a very nice amble through daylilies, oak groves, edible gardens, butterfly gardens and a rose garden.

It was easily the most picturquese walk I have done in a while.  I wasn’t too worried about the lack of walking because there was plenty of incidental walking and exercise for the rest of the day.  We are still very much living in a house with limited furniture and much of the time we have available has been spent getting in and out of the car looking for various items for the house.  Today was no exception.  I may have bribed the less garden orientated members of the house with the prospect of furniture if they came with me.  😊 The result was lots of movement.

Fortunately, despite all our furniture hunting, we finished off the day with the remainder of the 2-mile target walking around the complex – I think we should have left it a little later today as it was damned hot outside.  The air-conditioning in the apartment is well worth it.

I won’t bother with timings today as they weren’t anything special.  We did the distance and I am fine with that today.  Today was a day for exploring local life in this toe part of the Boot state. I am not so impressed with my food intake.  Breakfast remains healthy but I am succumbing to wanting to try everything local.  Today it was a pineapple upside-down cake.  Going grocery shopping here is fraught with danger.  The local shops sell the most amazing looking cakes.  In Australia, you can buy cakes but we are talking about chocolate cake with chocolate icing or sponge cake.  Here – oh boy, there are all different types of cakes with all different types of decorations.  Until today, we have avoided these.  The pineapple upside-down cake looked the healthiest.  I figured there would be less sugar than all the cakes with creamy fillings between the layers.  The cake was great and I didn’t eat lunch so maybe the food balances itself out (I know I am being overly optimistic but I enjoyed that cake).

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